For advertisers

We give you an opportunity to contact the hardly accessible audience in the licensed content with high quality interaction

  • 80M hours of monthly viewing
  • 90 % of the active Smart TV audience is accessible on ivi Smart House
  • 15K+ content items

Using Data

We thoroughly analyze our users' data, use both own and third parties data. We customize the most personalized communication with your brand.

Ad Recall and Brand Lift

We go beyond the limits of standard media indicators and determine the degree of your advertising campaign's influence on marketing metrics.

Common advertising opportunities on all platforms

We know the best ways and devices for communication with your audience, we select integrated cross-platform solutions to achieve your goals.

Advertising opportunities

Format In-Stream


Television video format with a wide range of audience targets and settings

Format Interactive


Engaging users in creativity, increasing the time of brand contact, promoting sales

Format Special Projects

Special Projects

Native editorial integrations and creation of unique video content