Play the lead

Working for ivi means being able to learn from the best people in the legal video services market. Together, we are able to solve interesting problems, participate in the formation of a market that Russia simply didn’t have before, and create something unusual, extraordinary, fresh. We have a great team and incredible in-house dynamics. For most of us, ivi is work, leisure, hobby, lifestyle

Mission and values

Our mission is to guide everyone into the world of fascinating stories. We feel inspired by the opportunity to create a top media company and become the innovators and leaders of industry development.

Our business is able to prosper given long-term, open and mutually-beneficial relationships with our partners, as well as fostering a leadership culture within the team and by each employee. Implementation of this mission will contribute to a stable growth of the company's shareholder value ahead of the market.


    Aspiring to lead

    What are my goals?

    We set ambitious goals and take personal responsibility. Everyone seeks to become the leader of their field and top the market


    Honest and open

    How do I communicate?

    We do not shy away from expressing radically bold ideas and always welcome feedback. We believe constructive criticism is key to our dynamic development


    Responsible for the result

    What does the result mean to me?

    We are results-oriented, not process-oriented. Everyone works hard to ensure the Company's success


    Looking for opportunities

    How do I manage changes?

    We are always looking for opportunities to maximise our results.


    Learning and getting better

    What is my path to success?

    We never stop getting better to be the key player and lead the market. We are not above learning from those better at something than us, which may include both in-house staff and other market participants

Terms and conditions

  • Иконка cpu

    Great product

    Opportunity to have a unique experience and participate in the formation of a video viewing culture

  • Иконка монитора

    Comfortable and ergonomic office

    Competent zoning for successful activities of cross-functional teams

  • Иконка с людьми

    Office within walking distance of the metro station

    We are located within a 5-7 minutes' walk from the Dmitrovskaya and Savelovskaya metro stations

  • Иконка сердца

    Medical insurance

    Wide choice of clinics, dental services, overseas travel insurance

  • Иконка с книгой

    Staff development

    Internal and external training, the opportunity to participate at conferences and meetings

  • Иконка с чемоданом

    Relocation package

    Transporting new employees with their families from any regions of Russia

  • Иконка с кинолентой

    Subscription to ivi

    There is a special subscription offer for employees

  • Иконка с процентами

    Referral program

    Providing a bonus for a successful employee's reference

About the product and technologies

At ivi, distinctions between the Product and Technology Departments sometimes blur, as we have the same goal – to create a great product. All our employees are divided into platform and cross-functional product teams.

Product teams

Focused on introducing new features and testing product hypotheses. May include developers, quality engineers, product managers, analysts, and designers.

Working with data

We make data-based decisions: developing a data-driven approach, forming hypotheses, carrying out experiments, and tracking metrics. Thus, most of our decisions are based on user preferences and behavior.

Platform teams

Maintaining stability and high quality of our applications.

  • Internal analytics, statistics and segmentation system
  • Own behavior forecasting system
  • Developed content rating system
  • R&D in the field of video playback
  • Own recommendation system
  • Machine learning and computer vision technologies
  • CDN throughout Russia
  • API for external integrations


What to expect during the interview, how many stages does the interview process include?

It depends on the department and the team. Sometimes this is just one interview, and sometimes two or three. For some positions we have test tasks. In most cases, the first interview is conducted by the chief/ team leader. We are always happy when applicants prepare stories of selves for an interview, tell about their achievements, and get acquainted before meeting with ivi service on any platform. The ivi recruitment team is happy to answer questions before the interview, so that you feel comfortable at the meeting :)

Do you spend your free time with colleagues?

How can it be otherwise? :) In the ivi office, we sometimes watch movies after a working day, play board games. We have a small but cosy sports room where you can play table tennis or table football. We also arrange meetings to share knowledge with colleagues.

What is the work schedule at the Technical Department?

Employees of the Technical Department get to work no later than 11 a.m. If required (due to illness, for example), you can work from home for a couple of days.

Why do you have the same job openings so often?

ivi is still growing, we have new ambitious goals and objectives. For this purpose, we are strengthening our team.

Does the company work on agile?

Yes! Most of our teams in the Technical and Operations Departments use Agile (Scrum, Kanban).

Do you hire inexperienced employees or those with minimal work experience?

Yes, sometimes we have such openings. If you are interested in joining an internship or taking a junior specialist position, contact us :)

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Does ivi have an employee onboarding program?

We have developed a new employee roadmap for all ivi departments. Currently, many teams are successfully implementing it. In addition, we conduct welcome trainings, intermediate meetings, etc.

Compliance hotline

IVI is a company whose core values ​​are responsibility and solidarity. It is our policy to build working relationships in accordance with the highest ethical standards. IVI strives to communicate openly and honestly with no exceptions. We want you not to feel embarrassed when talking to your manager or your colleagues if you think there has been a violation of ethical standards.

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